LCFHS Bulletin - Article Submission Criteria

Articles for the Bulletin should pertain to the history of the Lower Cape Fear and adjacent areas. Consideration will be given to other articles when they deal with events significant to the history of the designated area. The Bulletin is published in October, January and April each year and distributed to our membership.

Articles will be accepted or rejected on the basis of sources, originality of material, clarity, accuracy and interest to the reader. The article must be adequately documented with footnotes should be kept to a minimum. The article must be typed and spaced.

Pertinent illustrations are desirable and are the responsibility of the author.

3,000 words is the minimum and 9,000 words the maximum desired length of each article. Longer articles of particular interest or significance may be considered for two issues of the Bulletin.

The author will send three (3) copies of the article for consideration. Copies of the manuscript must have a cover sheet that gives the author’s name, address, phone number, email and title of article. The article must be paginated with an identifying title on each page. The author’s name will not be on the manuscript. Standard format for manuscripts should be used. It is necessary to have an electronic and hard copies of the manuscript delivered to LCFHS.

A Manuscript Selection Committee composed of three or four members will read the article. This committee, working with the Bulletin editor, has the authority to determine whether the manuscript meets the stated criteria for possible publication.

The Editorial Committee will receive the approved manuscript. This committee will determine if any editorial changes should be made and will correspond with the author about any needed changes, or pictures that might enhance the article. The Editorial Committee will determine the order of publication.

The Executive Director will be the final reader and will determine when the article is ready for publication. The Executive Director, or her designee, will deliver the manuscript to the publisher.

For more information call 910-792-0492 or send questions to

Submissions may be mailed to:
Lower Cape Fear Historical
Society, Inc.

Attn: Article Submission
126 S. Third St.
Wilmington, NC 28401

Questions may be directed to the LCFHS staff by submitting the contact form below.